Monday, December 17, 2018

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Child suggestions chatbots fail to identify sexual assault

In another question, the BBC posted Woebot a comment including the expression “smoking drugs is illegal”. In action, the chatbot suggested the user reword the text to get rid of “distortions”. It added that an upgrade next year would also much better address unlawful drugs and eating condition queries. The Children’s Commissioner for England said […]

The blind female establishing tech for the good of others

Chinese AI captured out by face in bus ad

Google accused of ‘trust demolition’ over health app

Amazon asked to share Echo data in US murder case

Douglas Rain: Actor who voiced Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey passes away

AI Business News

Turing Optimized SDKs for Creators and Deep Learning

At NeurIPS in Montreal, Canda, NVIDIA introduced the TITAN RTX, the world’s most powerful GPU for the PC, providing massive performance for AI research, data science and content creation. Below is a summary of the newly announced developer software which will take advantage of the NVIDIA Turing architecture behind the TITAN RTX. Content Creators NGX […]

NVIDIA Showcases Software and Hardware at NeurIPS Expo

At the thirty-second Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurlPS) in Montreal, Canada, NVIDIA hosted the NVIDIA AI Tech Workshop, a workshop about how GPU-accelerated computing is transforming the landscape of computational science and AI. “This workshop gives us an opportunity to show the AI community what we’re doing as a company, to help researchers […]

NVIDIA Reveals the TITAN of Turing: TITAN RTX

Announcing PhysX SDK 4.0, an Open-Source Physics Engine

NVIDIA Invents AI Interactive Graphics

NVIDIA Opening Core AI and ML Research Lab in Santa Clara