Ending Up Being a Billionaire Data Scientist vs Struggling to Get a $100k Job – What is the distinction?


In my case, I am revolutionizing the world of publishing, making old company designs (and numerous new ones) outdated.

That’s how you can make big cash and bring big value; any class you participate in or schedule you check out to prosper, may actually put you on the sluggish track, the one of really small returns, by teaching you things that hamper your imagination.

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You may as well build the largest data-driven empire even without any technical degree. There are still so many low hanging fruits that no one can see (or is interested in) today, that if you see some of them, and can design a product around it, deliver and build and sell your new mice trap, you could be the next billionaire. Examples abound in data science and AI: detecting voter fraud (my understanding is that in many places they look only at your driving licence, and many people not allowed to vote have a legit driving license not different from those allowed to vote), designing scores that are much better predictors of success for students applying for college, creating a new currency not used for criminal activities unlike Bitcoin, replacing the Alexa robot by one that can have meaningful conversations with people, making data about medical procedures in US hospitals public by having patients posting their bills and experience (to help optimize healthcare costs), and many more.

You must be passionate about what you do to succeed to the point that you don’t even feel you are working, be perseverant, and have certitude that you are right when everyone tell you that you are wrong (by itself,a good sign that you are up to something.)

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