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Speed of Adoption will matter more than ever

It’s been a while given that companies have actually been debating over financial investment into analytics and information. Some individuals have already done it and it is working out. We are over and above the apprehensions of whether Data investments work or not, now, the concerns is how soon you can make it work. It has to be strategy very first and a leading down push on getting the data investments to execution and outcomes. It is a burden however by now …


It has been a while given that the buzz, and now it’s time for some truth check.

Everyone has actually been riding on the information wave and analytics has been the biggest buzz word for practically a years now.

Let us talk about the impact, success and ROI now.

  • How many companies do you think are really changing the way they have been , by adopting analytics?
  • How many businesses are data driven? In real sense?
  • How many enterprises are running at scale with big data…


Thanks to Sigmund Fraud for all the fascinating discoveries in human Psychology. I have always been fascinated about how human psychology plays a vital role in decisions we make and how it is inevitable to be understand how human psychology works before you get into improving customer experience and talking about machines replacing human thinking.
One of the major discoveries which Fraud has is around the different states of mind, namely, conscious, sub-conscious and…


Analytics is still in a phase in many organizations where selling it internally to the stakeholders is the biggest challenge.Creating analytics is a cost- resource intensive investment for enterprises and  evangelizing the trust in data driven thinking and optimizing the opportunity cost due to delay in adoption is the most crucial problem to solve.
All the frameworks which talk about the Analytics mix, various technology & tools stack and maturity roadmaps, are confined to…


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