Weekly Digest, December 17


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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

  • Quality inspection in manufacturing with DL computer vision 
  • 7 Classical Assumptions of Ordinary Least Squares Linear Regression 
  • 27 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English – Part 5 
  • A So-So Second Date with Julia 
  • Power BI in 10 Minutes: Step-by-Step Guide 
  • Some Irresistible Integrals, Computed Using Statistical Concepts Updated
  • How Visual Object Detection can Transform Manufacturing Industries 
  • Building Blocks of Decision Tree 
  • 5 Minute Analysis: Breaking Down Health Code Violations 
  • The Chief language for BlockChain: JavaScript 

Featured Articles

  • Experiences as a female Data Scientist 
  • Learning Machine Learning: A Personal Journey 
  • Digital Transformation is Messy, Dirty and Ugly. Here’s How to Embr… +
  • Who Do We Blame When an AI Finally Kills Somebody 
  • USF Hackathon: Making a Business Hypothesis Actionable with Prescriptive Outcomes
  • Smart-Gaze: AI powered coding for efficient Eye Tracking 
  • Your Company Needs A Spreadsheet Policy More Than Ever 
  • A generalized stochastic calculus 
  • The Skinny on Big Data: Everything You Need to Know From Our CTO 
  • Playing by the Rules 

Picture of the Week

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